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An entrepreneur, a company director, a portfolio of 3 companies…what next? Well, a professor! Yes…hold on to that expression! A guy who hardly attended any lectures in his college was now a professor to 120 students teaching the subject of rural marketing and co-operatives in his own college, L.S Raheja College of Arts & Commerce. He is often mistaken as a student by many. Maybe because his students are just 2 years younger to him! His teaching style inculcates elements of Mahabharata, Kareena Kapoor and Bhel-Puri! Strange ? find more on that on his blogs. What is this Mahabharat and Kareena Kapoor concept? How did he start teaching from an entrepreneur? How was the experience for him? Well you shall find answers to all these only by attending Nimit Sir’s class…


It’s a passion’s call. He likes to talk and get those charming dimples on the face of his audiences. Being a CEO, Director and Founder of businesses does not stop him from being an emcee and it’s all because of one word – passion. His penchant for emceeing led to his first act on July 16th 2008 for Nickelodeon and the rest as they is history. Later he went to do shows for Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, Central Stores (Future Group), Dilip Chabbaria (DC), Kunal ganjawala, Mumabi Marathoon, Fast Track and the list continued. The journey from being novice to an experienced professional in the field of emceeing has been thrilling and exciting. Yet he says there is lot left to achieve, as they say it in traditional bollywood ishtyle ‘picture toh baaki hai mere song!’

The Cutting Chai

‘Cutting Chai’ caters to that genre of brands which don’t really require unnecessary fuss and decoration over designing & communication, be it across web, print, online marketing, graphics, etc. It caters to brands that don’t have much to spend on such things yet can’t do away without such things, the brands that long for good designs at a ‘sasta’ price.

‘Cutting Chai’ customizes products like Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Search Marketing, etc not only in terms of the ‘look and feel’ to suit your needs but also to suit your budgets.

Sip in the garama garam ‘Cutting Chai’!

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Out of the box

How good is your design?

Depends on how good is it at communicating various aspects associated with not only design but nature of your business and market standards, whether the colors, fonts, elements are used as per your industry! These insights can only be provided by consultants. That’s what Out of the box does – Brand Design and Consultancy!

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Green Veggies

An ambitious college boy, who thought of providing Healthy food service to the hard working mumbaikars to make sure they feel fresh and active after their lunch, gave birth to the service of Green Veggies. If you want to know what the company tells to all its customers and also to the people who just enquire about them is that 'do not compromise on your food and its quality. Please make sure you ‘Eat Healthy Be Healthy’ − such is its philosophy!

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